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jquery jLensMagnify – magnify effect with lens

30 ottobre 2010 by Giovanni

jLensMagnify is a jQuery plugin that attach a magnifying glass to letters of words.

A screenshot:
Magnifying glass


  • startEffect – effect of central element – default {’font-size’: ‘150%’}
  • resetEffect – effect to reset – default {’font-size’: ‘100%’}
  • splitChar – split char, default ” alias letter, otherwise ‘ ‘ alias world

You would love to be seduced by these female agents who pretend to be a professionals! XXX Driver using his car to get laid with smoking hot college girls.

See jLensMagnify in action!

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jQuery jScratchcard – Scratchcard effect on image

30 marzo 2010 by Giovanni

A simple jQuery plugin that implement a Scratchcard (Scratch card).

This is a screenshot:

jScratchcard - Scratchcard


  • opacity – opacity step when hover – default {’opacity’: 0.2}
  • color – start background color – default {color: ‘grey’}
  • stepx – x block dimension – default {stepx: 10}
  • stepy – y block dimension – default {stepy: 10}
  • mousedown – if true the left button of mouse must be down – default {mousedown: true}
  • callCallbackPerc – if valorized is the percent at which call callback – default: false
  • callbackFunction – callback function – default null

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jQuery jMagnify, magnify effect on text

24 marzo 2010 by Giovanni

jQuery jMagnify, plugin attach a ola effect to some text following the mouse position.

A screenshot:

jMagnify - magnify text

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jQuery jOla, Ola effect on text

12 marzo 2010 by Giovanni

jQuery jOla plugin attach a ola effect to some text.

A screenshot:
Text Effect
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jDoubleSelect: jQuery plugin transform one select with optgroups into two selects

10 marzo 2010 by Giovanni

jDoubleSelect is a jQuery plugin to transform one select with optgroups into two selects, the first one with all groups and the second updated with the options of the group selected.

The screenshot:
jDoubleSelect screenshot
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jQuery select multiple double side

20 febbraio 2010 by Giovanni

Multiselect (html select with parameter multiple=”multiple”) normally are very difficult to use.
In this modified version of multiselect the select is double (double side select), the right one with the selected element, the left side for insert other element.

mulstiselect2side screenshot

Four new button for:

  • add the left selected options to the right
  • add all left options to the right
  • remove the right selected options
  • remove all right options

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jSlider: jquery plugin to transform a listbox in a slider

16 ottobre 2009 by Giovanni

jSlider is a jquery plugin to transform a listbox (select box) in a slider.

This is the screenshot:

jslider screenshot

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jquery jEye: Eyes for your site

18 settembre 2009 by Giovanni

jEye is a jquery experiment.
If you attach jEye to a dom element two (or one if you want) eyes appear and this eyes follow your mouse movement.
See it in action!
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jListbox: jquery plugin for formatted select box

8 agosto 2009 by Giovanni

jListbox is a jquery plugin to obtain a formatted select box.

This is the screenshot:


Tested on:

  • internet explorer 7
  • internet explorer 6
  • firefox > 3
  • google chrome

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